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Task Management

Send tasks directly to an employee’s mobile in seconds!

Manage your mobile workers all in one place

Task management Ecofleet

Sharing tasks over the phone is cumbersome and often the information you need doesn’t reach people on time, which means that services are delayed. With our task management solution, you can conveniently share tasks through the mobile app. In addition, you have an overview of the location of employees, which allows for optimal division of tasks.


Effective planning

Plan tasks and manpower in advance. Employees have a clear overview of what tasks they have to perform and when to start performing the tasks.

Work progress notifications

You have a real-time overview of work in progress and completed, and all notifications reach you conveniently through the mobile application.

Creation of jobs by an employee

Employees can also create their own tasks. This makes it possible to take better account of working time in cases where the company does not have a separate office worker who shares tasks.

Digital forms

At the end of the work, it is possible to fill in the pre-created digital forms and ask for their signature or upload photos. You no longer have to collect paper signatures and send them to the office for scanning. Save time and the nature!

The app also works without coverage

Even if there is no mobile internet in some areas, you can still use the app. All information is synchronized when you are back in mobile coverage.

Electronic signatures

A convenient and environmentally friendly solution that is always with you. Collect customer signatures for delivery and receipt reports directly into the mobile app.

A clear overview of project duration

Thanks to the mobile application, you have a clear idea of how much time it takes to complete a specific project or task. You are also always aware of which tasks have been completed and which have not, so you can keep up to date with the progress of the client’s tasks.

Assign jobs in a few seconds to your employee's mobile phones

Employees no longer have to travel to the office to get to work, reducing both fuel consumption and working hours. Employees have an overview of the tasks assigned to them and the location of colleagues in the smart app, so they can better plan their day. In addition, they can use the app to calculate the most optimal route to reach your destination. The solution is suitable for companies with both 3 and 1000 users.

Paperless solution

All documentation, such as operating hours, fuel consumption, delivery, and acceptance reports, is in one system in digital form. Different reports are easy to find and download by date or employee.

More efficient use of resources

You can divide tasks according to the employee’s location and plan tasks and manpower in advance. You can also create recurring tasks.

Convenient working hours calculation

You can automate the calculation of working hours and you have an accurate overview of the time spent on various tasks.

Automatic maintenance reminders

Regular maintenance reduces the risk of malfunctions due to wear and tear of the car and helps to prevent cases where a task is not performed on time due to a faulty vehicle. Use our notification module to set up automatic reminders for upcoming maintenance via SMS or email. You can keep track of how many kilometers or days one or another vehicle can still drive before starting maintenance, and all maintenance performed can be traced back to the system.

Adding maintenance

You can conveniently add all maintenance to the system, be notified when work needs to be done, and manage the entire maintenance process more systematically and transparently.

A clear overview of maintenance costs

You have a clear idea of the cost of roadworthiness testing, regular maintenance, and vehicle repairs. You can also streamline and expedite cost reporting and verify cost accuracy by location.

Automatic reports

You can create and download reports of all maintenance already performed and planned. You have a real-time overview of how many kilometers you can still drive before it needs maintenance.

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