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Fleet tracker – gain optimal visibility

At Fleet Complete, we bring a holistic approach to your fleet operations. Our connected platform gives you the flexibility to start small and expand your capabilities as your business grows. Manage your entire fleet from one screen and see what is happening remotely in the field. Know where your vehicles and crew are, their productivity levels, and all the fleet metrics you need.

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  • Web-based maps

    Access your fleet information from anywhere on a mobile device with an internet connection.

  • Fleet performance

    Measure and analyze your fleet performance based on routes, trips and events.

  • Automatic driving log

    You no longer have to think hard about all your trips in order to transfer them to Excel one by one at the end of the month and send them to the accountant.

Vehicle booking system

Most companies use Excel and Outlook to manage bookings. Completing manual tables is time-consuming and the company does not have a comprehensive overview of who and how many cars are actually used. Fleet Complete’s smart car reservation system provides the company with a complete software solution for vehicle reservation and fleet management.

The use of shared cars is a growing trend, which also helps to reduce the company’s ecological footprint. A study by Fleet Europe and Global Fleet shows that by 2030, the share of shared vehicles will increase to 73% of the total, currently 30%.

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  • Book a car with a smartphone

    Employees can book cars and manage reservations using a smartphone and receive automatic notifications when their booking is confirmed or changed. Our solution is also compatible with various calendars, such as outlook, which makes using the service especially convenient.

  • Keyless solution

    You no longer have to manage a large number of car keys, but the driver can open the car door using a personalized RFID card or mobile application. The system allows the car door to be opened only by an authorized employee in whose name the booking has been made.

  • Car usability analysis

    With the help of booking system reports, you can analyze the usability of cars by vehicles, days, people, and departments. Also, if you have separate cost centers in different departments, you can easily add costs to the right department using our system.

Automatic maintenance reminds

Regular maintenance reduces the risk of malfunctions due to wear and tear, and a well-maintained car is known to consume less fuel. With our notification module, you can set up automatic reminders for upcoming maintenance via SMS or email. You can keep track of how many kilometers or days one or another vehicle can still drive before starting maintenance, and all maintenance performed can be traced back to the system.


  • Adding maintenance

    You can conveniently add all maintenance to the system, be notified when work needs to be done, and manage the entire maintenance process more systematically and transparently.

  • Maintenance costs overview

    You have a clear idea of the cost of roadworthiness testing, regular maintenance, and vehicle repairs. You can also streamline and expedite cost reporting and verify cost accuracy by location.

  • Automatic reports

    You can create and download reports of all maintenance already performed and scheduled. You have a real-time overview of how many kilometers you can still drive before it needs maintenance.

Real-time tachograph information

Our system is able to read real-time tachograph data and also display them visually, showing driving, working, and rest time. In addition, it is possible to see all the infringements that have taken place during the period under review. You have a clear idea of what mistakes drivers make and how high the risk of fines is.

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  • Real-time overview of work and rest time

    You have a real-time overview of where the trucks are, how long they have been driving when there should be the next break, how much time is left in the week in question, and so on.

  • Efficient fuel consumption planning

    The desired machine is equipped with a GPS device that, in addition to the tachograph data, can display more than 20 brain parameters, such as fuel data, load temperature, axle weight, tire pressure, external supply voltage, battery charge and distance traveled.

  • Download tachograph data

    By law, tachograph data must be stored in an office, but data cannot always be physically retrieved from a truck. With our solution, you can download all the necessary data over the mobile network and also archive it in our system.

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