Reliable fleet management solutions for governments

Add visibility to your government fleet

Reduce manual work and improve the overview of the municipality’s costs. Ecofleet’s digital solutions help municipalities streamline the operation of their vehicles so that they can achieve more, make better use of resources, provide a better service to citizens, and ultimately improve their bottom line.


  • Reduce expenses by being more efficient

    With tools such as carsharing and our task management solution you can optimize your fleet operations. Centralize all cost to your fleet and improve the bottom line across departments.

  • Improve response times with greater fleet visibility

    Get better documentation of expenses. Gain an overview of clients, tasks and personnel. Provide transparency for clients and improve the services of the citizens with better response times.

  • Monitor and do timely vehicle maintenance

    Our government tracking system allows you to set up maintenance schedules and receive alerts when its time to service the vehicles.

View all vehicles and tasks on a map

See the cars’ current location, speed and direction of travel on an online map. Import clients in to the system and follow tasks that are assigned to individual workers.


  • Find nearest worker

    Find the nearest worker for a task. It saves time, lowers driven kilometers and provides clients with a better service when a quick response is required.

  • Task management

    Manage all tasks in one system and assign them directly to the nearest relevant worker. Ensure proper documentation of visits.

  • Mileage logbook

    With our Logbook solution you can handle all your logbook management in one system. The logbook information is easily collected. The built-in approval module makes it easy for a single administrator to manage and quickly approve driving journals from multiple users.

  • Optimize fuel costs

    Small changes in driving behaviour result in large fuel savings. The KPI module shows any pain points.

  • Booking

    Automatically keep track of booking and allocation of cars. Gain insight into the use of cars distributed in different locations, and distribute costs between departments based on the use of the individual cars.

  • Reports

    Get access to a number of relevant reports and gain insight into e.g. occupancy rates, mileage and driving patterns.

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