Manage your agriculture fleet from one screen

Connect your fleet with agricultural GPS fleet tracking and get insightful telematics data from your vehicles and assets to help increase efficiency, monitor your workforce and reduce costs.

  • Always know the in's and out's of your fleet

    See all of your vehicles on a web-map and know what is happening in the field. Oversee the status and performance of construction equipment and tools with our asset tracking devices.

  • Monitor asset movements

    Geofencing allows you to set up a virtual area so you can better understand how long it takes your fleet to complete a job. Use historic and live data to optimize all aspects of your fleet.

  • Sleep better at night

    Give yourself peace of mind being able to quickly locate your agricultural equipment. You can monitor your fleet even from remote areas.

View all vehicles and assets on a near real time map

See the cars’ current location, speed and direction of travel on an online map from anywhere in the world!

Fleet and asset tracking technology with GPS devices give you peace of mind knowing that you can quickly find your valuable agricultural assets.


  • Find nearest worker

    Find the nearest worker or equipment for a task. It saves time and makes your fleet more efficient.

  • Geofences

    Mark areas with geofences on the map and keep track of movements between specific areas.

  • Task management

    Manage all tasks in one system and assign them directly to the nearest relevant worker. Get feedback on status and quality checks via the app.

  • Alerts

    Set up alerts that enable you to react quickly and help recover stolen or misused vehicles and equipment.

  • Timely maintenance

    Insert events into the calendar and get a reminder when vehicles need maintenance. Vehicles that are properly serviced cost less in operation and repairs.

  • Reports

    Tailor-made reports make it easy to spot irregularities your fleet and provide insight into mileage, fuel consumption, travel time or idle time of all vehicles.

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