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Automatically downloading tachograph data saves time and money!

Why digital tachograph?

By law, vehicle data must be downloaded every 90 days and driver data every 28 days. In order to retrieve tachograph data from a vehicle away from the office, it is most convenient to use a remote data reading solution. This saves time and avoids situations where it is not physically possible to download the data.

As an option, we offer a card hosting solution, which means that you no longer have to worry about downloading data manually, but our application makes sure that the data is downloaded automatically on time.


Remote reading of tachograph data

The remote download of the digital tachograph is intended to simplify and save time on tachograph data collection and management activities. The driver no longer has to present his card at the depot or use a USB stick to download manually, which is often time-consuming and cumbersome, but the data can be collected automatically while the vehicle is on the road.

Automatic data reading

We also offer a card hotel solution, which means that you can automate data downloads. We can set a specific date when the data will be downloaded, and you don’t have to worry about remembering it anymore. You have reports at your disposal that allow you to maximize your working time and ensure that you work and rest.

How does the solution work?

A GPS device is installed in the desired vehicle, which, in addition to the tachograph data, can display various data, such as fuel data, load temperature, axle weight, tire pressure, external supply voltage, battery charge and distance traveled.

A complete solution

Our tachograph services give you a thorough overview of the driver’s activities and location via a web application. The reports visible in the system make it possible to maximize working time and monitor drivers’ compliance with working and rest time.

A comprehensive fleet management solution enables more efficient management of the workforce and tasks, planning optimal driving routes and motivating drivers to drive more economically.

Essential requirements

The driver is allowed to drive nine hours a day. After four and a half hours of driving, the driver must take a 45-minute break. Regular rest time 11 hours a day and 45 hours a week.

Real-time overview of work and rest time

You have a real-time overview of where the trucks are, how long they have been driving when there should be the next break, how much time is left in the week in question, and so on.

Additional features

We offer a comprehensive web-based GPS tracking and mobile crew management solution that works in an internet browser or on your smart device and provides a real-time, clear overview of the key metrics you need, such as fuel consumption, operating time, vehicle location, temperature, driving style.

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