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Fleet and asset tracking for construction businesses

Take control of your fleet with GPS tracking for construction vehicles and equipment.

In a highly competitive market, construction companies are faced with higher client expectations, tighter contract margins and narrow time frames to secure business. Efficiency, cost effectiveness and faster delivery on a project become crucial to remain profitable.

Our platform will help you improve planning and budgeting, meet key deadlines, operate leaner and expand your project pipeline.

Key benefits

Always know the location of your vehicles and assets

See all of your vehicles on a web-map and know what is happening in the field. Oversee the status and performance of construction equipment and tools with our asset tracking devices.

Track work hours and engine hours to optimize your fleet

With the data provided by GPS tracking for construction equipment, you can capture a wide range of data such as work hours and engine hours to optimize your business. Increase customer billing accuracy and ensure accurate payroll. Use reports to show past arrival and departure times to remove all uncertainty.

Prevent unauthorized use and theft

Secure all your high-value assets. With GPS tracking for construction equipment, you can be alerted to any unauthorized movement from specific locations, at certain times and more.

View all vehicles and assets on a map

See the cars’ current location, speed and direction of travel on an online map. Many customers choose to set up an extra screen in the office for a quick overview.

Key features


Mark areas with geofences on the map and keep track of how many times employees drive to and from a construction site or a project.

Find nearest worker

Find the nearest worker or equipment for a task. It saves time, lowers driven kilometers and provides customers with a better service when a quick response is required.

Task management

Manage all tasks in one system and assign them directly to the nearest relevant worker. Get feedback on status and quality checks via the app.

Mileage logbook

With our Logbook solution you can handle all your logbook management in one system. The logbook information is easily collected and approved and can then be transferred to the ERP system for payment. The built-in approval module makes it easy for a single administrator to manage and quickly approve driving journals from multiple users.


Tailor-made reports make it easy to spot irregularities in the use of the vehicles and provide insight into mileage, fuel consumption, travel time or idle time of all the vehicles. Can be viewed online or exported to PDF or Excel.

Timely maintenance

Insert events into the calendar and get a reminder when vehicles need maintenance. Vehicles that are properly serviced cost less in operation and repairs.

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Customer Reviews

All in all I think that the Ecofleet fleet management system is a super product, that we benefit from every day. Thomas Lund, RC Concrete A/S