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Fleet tracking to manage vehicles, drivers and deliveries

Efficiency in resources and operations, timely service and delivery as well as regulatory compliance are key in commercial trucking for business profitability.

With our fleet management solutions, you will optimize your fleet and load distribution, improve routes and fuel economy, and enforce the rules on driving times and rest periods.

With one platform you can manage all the complex requirements of a trucking fleet.


  • Efficiency

    Fleet tracking should be easy to use and make the driver's work more efficient. A live map and calculated routes makes the planning easier. Together with better communication with drivers you can ensure that the fleet stay efficient.

  • Compliance

    Our GPS fleet tracking solution does more than tell you where your vehicles are. The software offers a compliant tachograph solution that helps reduce paperwork and gathers all necessary data to stay compliant with regulations.

  • Service

    With improved visibility into vehicle location, precise arrival times, documentation and better communication with drivers your customers will appreciate more accurate delivery windows.

View all vehicles and assets on a map

See the cars’ current location, speed and direction of travel on an online map. Many customers choose to set up an extra screen in the office for a quick overview.


  • Find nearest driver

    Find the nearest driver for a job. It saves time, lowers driven kilometers and provides customers with a better service.

  • Task management

    Manage all tasks in one system and assign them directly to the nearest relevant driver.

  • Optimize fuel cost

    Small changes in driving behaviour result in large fuel savings. The KPI module shows any pain points.

  • Tachograph

    The system transmits tachograph data in near real time while the drivers are on the move. See the remaining driving time for the day and week as well as the next rest time, etc.

  • Reports

    Tailor-made reports make it easy to spot irregularities in the use of the vehicles and provide insight into your fleet.

  • Timely maintenance

    Insert events into the calendar and get a reminder when vehicles need maintenance. Vehicles that are properly serviced cost less in operation and repairs.

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