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Car booking system

Reduce your company’s cost and ecological footprint!


User-friendly mobile application

Making a reservation is very easy. When logging in to the application, the employee must select the period when he needs the vehicle, enter the destination and confirm the reservation. The system will send an automatic notification when the booking is confirmed with the necessary details. The driver who made the reservation can open the car door using a mobile application or an rfid card.

Automatic logbook

Information about trips (start and endpoints of the trip, distance traveled, etc.) is stored in the system automatically, so it is easy to keep track of all trips and reservations later and to fill in the trip log automatically.

Ridesharing with a colleague

Share the car with a colleague. When booking, the app will ask if you want to share the trip. This makes the planned trip visible to others who make a reservation to the same destination. It is also convenient to renew the reservation directly from the application and provide feedback on the condition of the car.

Cost optimization

With shared cars, you can save up to 15% – 30% on fleet management costs. Reducing the number of cars will help reduce air emissions and help reduce congestion. Contribute to reducing the ecological footprint.

A clear overview of car availability

You have a clear idea of how much-used company vehicles are. You can analyze which period (day of the week, time of day) car use is highest. So you can make informed decisions to reduce or increase your car fleet.

Easy management

Keep track of where your vehicles are currently located, who employees have booked the car, and for what period. You also have a clear overview of the costs associated with the vehicle and can transfer the costs to the department that made the booking in the system.

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