About Us

Ecofleet is an international software company that specializes in GPS based fleet and team management solutions.


Ecofleet is one of the leading telematics providers in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe with presence in over 20 countries and 70.000+ vehicles.

Our expertise is in sales, service and R&D. We offer a wide range of standard solutions, but also provide scalable solutions for individual needs. We excel in being a professional and service minded business partner and supplier.

The solutions offered by Ecofleet ensure that all daily routines regarding your fleet are automated and provide an easy and clear access to important data and statistics. We provide quality, safety and efficiency in everyday life, and we have lots of experience we would like to share.

Mission Statement

We are on a mission to bring transformative solutions to any fleet-owning business – big or small.

At Ecofleet, we focus on challenges our customers face every day to give them access to a connected mobility platform that suits their needs best. Whether it’s vehicles, mobile workers, cargo, stationary assets, or all of the above, we help you connect to it all.

Our vision is to connect everything, everywhere, bringing our global customers the best solutions on the market. This is why we continue to innovate in the field, developing meaningful partnerships and third-party integrations for your optimal user experience.

We work with original equipment manufacturers, as well as large telecom companies to make sure that you are always in the best hands.

There is a reason why we’re the fastest-growing telematics provider in the world – We are trusted by tens of thousands of clients around the globe to help their fleets thrive.


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    Matis Indov

    Export Director Europe