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Privacy Policy

1. How we collect data


When you visit our website through your web browser, we use cookies to collect data, such as your IP address, device identifier and usage information. This information helps us understand usage of our site enable us to improve our website.

You can opt-out of cookies through the privacy settings on your browser. That will disable, however, some features of our website.

Your inputs

We collect personal data you provide to us when you register for an account, make an order, complete a survey, subscribe to a newsletter or mailing list, apply for a job or contact us through the website and fill out an online form. Each time, we tell you what we collect and why.

2. Personal Information We Collect

We collect Personal Information about you when you provide such information directly to us, when third parties such as our business partners or service providers provide us with Personal Information about you, or when Personal Information about you is automatically collected in connection with your use of our Services. Following is a description of the types of data we collect and the purposes of collection and processing.

3. Information We Collect Directly From You

Essential Account Data

We receive Personal Information directly from you when you provide it to us as part of creating an account, including at least:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Phone number
  • Company name
  • Company Address

These data are processed in order to provide you with Services and secure access to your account.

4. Optional Account Data

As part of creating and maintaining an account with us, you may voluntarily submit additional information, including:

  • Vehicle Reg Number
  • VIN Number
  • Car Color
  • Car Make
  • Car Model
  • Vehicle Color
  • Car Ownership

 Data is used for various purposes:

  1. Username, Company name are collected so that you can better and more easily identify yourself to other users on the site.
  2. Phone number is processed so that we can communicate with you about the Services and contact you about Service announcements, updates or offers.
  3. Company title and company size is used by us to understand our user base and for direct marketing purposes.
  4. Notification email address(es) are processed in order to provide notifications to you as part of the Service.

5. GPS and vehicle data

If your vehicle is configured to connect to one of Fleet Completes platforms via an over the air connection, your vehicle will collect information for the purposes of that platforms.

As a minimum the following information is continuously collected: Date/time, ignition, vehicle location, g-force/acceleration. Other data collected can be engine related such as fuel consumption, valve positions, engine speed and odometer value. What information is collected specifically depends on the equipment installed in the vehicle and you contract.

The owner of the contract decides the purposes for which this information subsequently is used, who will have access and for how long the information is kept. Please refer to the owner of the contract for any additional information. Generally, this will be the owner or lessee of the vehicle.

Fleet Completes uses Mapping Service like Google and Microsoft’s, but also local mapping service to convert GEO position data to plain text addresses.

Data is used for various purposes:

  1. GPS Position and data/time data is used to position the vehicle on a map and calculate the distance the vehicle has traveled over a course of time. It is also sent anonymously to traffic, road and mapping services for geomatics and road maintenance purposes.
  2. Ignition is used to determine the stop and start of the vehicle.
  3. G-sensor is used for driving behavioral purposes
  4. Engine Data is used for reporting and KPI purposes.

​6. Contact Information

We may collect contact information for both present and prospective customers including name, address, phone number, title and company name, from various sources, including offline marketing activities.

We process this information for marketing purposes and to provide support to present and prospective customers.

7. Billing Information

For customers who pay by credit card, we will also collect payment information and will associate it with a Stripe Subscription ID. (We do not store any payment card information ourselves; payment card data is collected and retained by our subprocessor for this information, Stripe. We retain only the Subscription ID).

For other paid customers we will collect and maintain billing information (outside of the web site).

For all paid customers, we maintain a record of Service subscriptions, invoices and payments.

Billing information and payment records are processed in order to provide Services to our paid customers and to comply with legal and contractual requirements.

8. Connection Data

If you access our Site or Service through a third-party connection or log-in or connect an application to one of Fleet Completes Applications, that third party you connected with may pass certain information about your use of its service to the Application. This information could include, but is not limited to, the User ID associated with your account, an access token necessary to access that service, any information that you have permitted the third party to share with us, and any information you have made public in connection with that third-party service.

Connection Data is processed in order to provide application connectivity, which is part of the Service.

9. Online Form, Email and Chat Data

When you fill out an online form, for example to subscribe to a newsletter, or engage in email or online chat communications with us, you may voluntarily supply us contact and other information and we may also retain a record of any communications with you or activities you perform.

Data from these sources is processed in order to supply you with information that you request from us, and may be used for direct marketing and analytic purposes.

10. Event Data

When you register for an Application event, we will collect contact information from you and when you attend, we will retain a record of your participation.

Event subscription data is collected in order to provide you with access to events that you have requested. We may also use your contact information for direct marketing purposes. Event attendance data is processed by us to better understand our user base and for marketing purposes.

11. Support Ticket Data

When you submit a support ticket through our systems, we will collect company and contact data, and record activity related to your request.

Information submitted as part of support tickets is processed by us in order to provide help to you in using the Service, to contact you about your request(s), and to improve our products and services.

12. Blogs and Community Forums

The Service offers publicly-accessible blogs or community forums. You should be aware that any information provided in these areas may be read, collected, and used by others who access them. If you elect to post something in a public area of our Service, any Personal Information or content that you voluntarily disclose for posting to the Service, becomes available to the public, as controlled by any applicable privacy settings. If you remove information that you posted to the Service, copies may remain viewable in cached and archived pages of the Service, or if other Users have copied or saved that information. To request removal of your Personal Information from our blog or community forum, contact us at In some cases, we may not be able to remove your Personal Information.

From time to time, we post customer testimonials on the Sites which may contain Personal Information. We obtain the customers’ consent to post their names along with their testimonials.

Information submitted by you to our blogs and community forums is processed by us in order to help users report and resolve problems with the Service, to communicate with users of the Service, and to improve our products and services.

13. Information We Receive From Third Party Sources

Some third parties provide us with Personal Information about you, such as the following:

  • Account information for third party services: If you interact with a third party service when using our Services, such as if you use a third party service to log-in to our, or if you share content from our Services through a third party social media service, the third party service will send us information about you, such as information from your public profile, if the third party service and your account settings allow such sharing. The information we receive will depend on the policies and your account settings with the third party service.

We process this information in order to provide Single Sign-On, which is part of our Services.

We may also receive information associated with your use of the website from third-party software:

  • Augmented tracking data: If you visit our site and your email or other identifying data is known from interactions with our own site or with other sites, then our third-party service providers may supply additional information to us, associated with your site usage history. This information could include your name, social media user id(s) and profiles, if known and publicly available.

We process this information in order to better understand our website users and improve our Service, and may use it for direct marketing purposes.

14. How we protect your data

Our networks and systems are secured, monitored and managed centrally to protect against unauthorized access or abuse. When using service providers to process data, we enter into data protection agreements with these service providers, to ensure that they use similar levels of protection and they adhere to our Privacy Policy.

We never disclose your personal data without your consent or as authorized or required by law. .

15. Where your data is stored

Your personal data may be processed and/or stored abroad, This means it may be subject to laws applicable in another country.

16. How you can access your personal information

You can submit a request to access, the personal data you have provided to us by contacting If you find your data is inaccurate, we will correct or delete it, as needed. You can withdraw your consent to us holding the information you provided at any time. If we cannot grant your request, we will explain why.

17. Contact us

For privacy queries contact Should your concerns remain unaddressed, you can contact the Data Protection Authority in your country or the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.