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Vehicle tracking solution

Optimize your company’s fleet and costs and create new business opportunities by providing better customer service.


Gps tracking of vehicles on the map

Keep track of the location of all the company’s vehicles on one screen and have a clear view of where the vehicles and employees are currently located and how much time they are taking to complete a task or visit the site.

Automatic reports

You can create and download reports on all activities, such as vehicle mileage, fuel consumption, driving time, idle and downtime, car usage statistics, maintenance times, and more. All reports can be viewed in the Fleet Complete system as well as exported to PDF or Excel XLS format. You can also subscribe to regular reports by email.

Digital task management

Schedule tasks and manpower in advance and share tasks directly on the employee’s mobile phone. You have a real-time overview of work in progress and completed, and the system sends you automatic notifications when a task is completed. So you are always aware of which tasks have been completed and which have not, and you can keep the client informed of the progress of the tasks.

Guard your property

Keep an eye on your property. Our asset tracking system gives you a real-time view of where your company’s vehicles, machinery, and equipment are currently located. Receive automatic notifications when a machine or vehicle has left the defined area or when the car battery is running low.

Assessment of economical driving style

Motivate employees to drive more economically. The mobile app gives drivers feedback on the economy of their driving style, and drivers can compare their results with other drivers and evaluate how their driving style has changed over time.

Vehicle usability analysis

The unified digital reservation system created for the management of cars shared by the company’s employees allows to analyze whether there are enough shared cars in the company or whether there are any cars in the parking lot all the time, i.e. in fact, the company has more vehicles than it actually needs. You can analyze the usability of cars by vehicles, days, people, and departments.

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