GPS tracking for winter road maintenance

Are you responsible for your local winter roads?

Winter maintenance of roads can be an economic and a major logistical challenge. This applies regardless of whether it is the municipality itself that handles the task, or whether it is outsourced to local contractors.

Digital GPS solutions can be an effective and profitable way to improve these efforts so that everyone can drive safely.


  • Route planning

    In the event of heavy snowfall, priority must be given to the roads that must be cleared first. With the help of a digital map, which provides an overview of the road network, it will be possible to plan clearing and salt spreading better.

  • Documentation

    All routes are logged accurately and completely automatic using GPS data. This means that the fleet manager can always see the current position of the vehicles and be able to document where they have been.

  • Import map layers

    It is possible to import relevant map layers onto the fleet management map, which makes it even easier to keep an eye on details such as hidden engineering cabinets, sewer covers, large stones or the like.

Overview of roads to maintain

The solution can be used for snow removal, salt spreading and other road maintenance – also in other seasons.

An on / off switch mounted in the car makes it easy for the driver to indicate when he is clearing the road and when he is just on his way to a certain area. On the map, the cleared areas are marked with a bold line. In this way, you can easily maintain an overview and get accurate documentation of the work performed.

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