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Become an Ecofleet Reseller

Ecofleet, a trusted brand by Fleet Complete, offers comprehensive fleet management solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency, improve safety, and reduce costs for businesses of all sizes. Become a reseller today and provide top-tier fleet management solutions to your clients.

  • Trusted Brand: Brand by Fleet Complete – trusted name in the fleet management industry.
  • Global Team & presence of 660 telematics experts Offices and Resellers in….
  • Dedicated high level Support
  • Custom-made high-end smart 4G GPS tracking devices

Revenue Growth

Increase your revenue through competitive reseller margins and recurring subscription models.

Exclusive Resources

Gain access to a vast repository of sales and marketing collateral, demo accounts, and product updates.

Custom Solutions

Offer solutions that meet specific client requirements, enhancing satisfaction and retention.

Partner Portal

Use our dedicated partner portal to manage clients, and receive real-time support.

Fleet Online Tracking

Comprehensive web-based GPS tracking and mobile fleet management solution that works in a web browser or on your smart device and provides a clear real-time view of the key indicators you need, such as fuel consumption, working hours, vehicle location, driving style.

Task Management

Our task management solution streamlines mobile workforce management by facilitating the seamless sharing of tasks via a mobile application. Tasks are allocated optimally based on workforce location, with automatic progress notifications provided. Additionally, digital forms enable paperless management for increased efficiency.

Route Optimization

Route optimization minimizes travel distance, saves time, and reduces fuel consumption by providing a specific arrival time window for drivers. By inputting all necessary destinations into the system, it determines the most efficient route to reach each location.


Remote tachograph data reading solution gives you a comprehensive overview of the driver’s activity and location via a web application. Accessible reports in the system enable the optimization of work hours and the monitoring of driver compliance with working and rest time regulations.

Corporate Carsharing

Cost-effective solution that helps companies optimize their operational expenses by maximizing the efficiency of company vehicles. By promoting the efficient use of the fleet, you can lower CO2 emissions through better resource utilization, reduced kilometers driven, and decreased fuel consumption.


Automatic logbook utilizes GPS tracking technology to automatically record all trips, including start and end points, travel time, and distance. It ensures that private trips remain private while accurately reporting business-related travel.

Driver behavior monitoring

With our driver behavior monitoring, you can track employees’ driving habits such as harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, and idling. Engage drivers in discussions about improving their driving behaviors to reduce environmental impact, save fuel, and maintain brand reputation.

Fuel and temperature monitoring

Our devices and solutions enable you to set alerts for sudden drops in vehicle fuel levels or changes in cargo temperature.

Mobile app

Our mobile app makes fleet management easy on the go. Track vehicles, send tasks directly to drivers mobile devices, register trips and much more.
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Fleet Complete solutions offer robust API integrations, enabling seamless connectivity with other business systems and applications. These integrations allow for the exchange of real-time data, optimizing fleet management, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing decision-making processes.

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Explore the potential of becoming an Ecofleet reseller and take your business to new heights with innovative fleet management solutions.