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Fleet management is not a new concept, and large companies in particular have long since realised the advantages of introducing a GPS-based fleet management to their vehicles.

The key to optimizing your cost of ownership and utilization rate is knowing the details of what is going on with your fleet.

New real-time video analytics solution, Fleet Complete Vision™, combines mobile video

technology with telematics data to enhance fleet safety and driver risk management

A collaboration to benefit fleets in cost reduction, higher safety and efficiency

Telekom is committed to bringing the widest range of telematics solutions to fleet-owning businesses by partnering with a top global player, Fleet Complete.

Many cars are already continuously sending information about everything from your music selection to which parking space

Moving freight is a tough business - trucks cost a lot, you need to keep them running efficiently and the margins can sometimes be razor-thin.

The company launches a unique cloud-based IoT platform, developed to transform the delivery of solutions through multi-dimensional partnerships between industry stakeholders.

Company enters new markets in Scandinavia and Baltic states through acquisition of Ecofleet, reaching global subscriber base of over 400,000

Do you know the benefits of implementing a GPS fleet management system in your company?