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Effectivity in the transport business

Ecofleet’s fleet management can help you keep track of your vehicles and their mileage so you have less administration, optimized driving and improved customer service!

Overview of vehicles

Are you familiar with the problem of keeping track of your vehicles and their whereabouts? It may be the case, when you have to inform a customer about an arrival time or find the nearest vehicle to a job. Ecofleet gives you the necessary overview (Map module).

Improved customer service

In addition to faster response time on tasks, you can also easily help your customers, when they ask for arrival time or status on a delivery. You get reliable documentation for the entire transportation including correct temperature in the refrigerated trailers (reports module).

Optimize driving and fuel consumption

Fuel and maintenance are typically the biggest expense posts in the company, so even small changes can result in big savings. Ecofleet can show you exactly where you need to make a change (KPI module). Also follow the vehicles' fuel consumption and fluctuations in fuel level (reports module).

Transport solutions

»  Fleet overview (Map & Reports module)
»  Green Driving - Optimizing Expenses (KPI module)
»  Trailer logistics (Asset module)
»  Trailer tracking - theft protection
»  Tachograph data in real-time (Tacho module)
»  2-way communication (Messages module)
»  Task Management (Mobile module)  



»  Hvidovre Transport

»  RC Concrete

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Useful modules

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Increase the efficiency of your day-to-day work

Be in constant contact with your drivers without incurring additional expense

Have you ever considered how much money you spend making phone calls just to ask “Did you complete the job?” or to say “Your next destination is Hamburg"? You also might not be overjoyed with the monthly mobile phone bills of your employees. Now you can communicate with the drivers directly from the Ecofleet application – if you install the Garmin™ navigation device in the vehicle and connect it to the monitoring device, your communication costs may be reduced more than tenfold. Sending and receiving messages is easy both for the driver and the supervisor.

Help your driver on the road

In addition to messaging, you can also send location data (to an accuracy of one metre) to the driver’s navigation device and there will be no need for annoying paper maps or time-consuming entering of address data in the navigation device. The driver will simply receive the message “Here’s the destination for your next job”, click OK and the Garmin navigation device will guide the driver to the right location, saving you time and money.

...or you can always send SMS messages

If you chose not to purchase the navigation device for your driver or need a backup plan, you can always send an SMS from the Ecofleet application to anybody, be it the supplier, worried customer or driver.


Why do it all yourself? Ecofleet will help you!

Timely maintenance of your vehicles

You can easily create and keep records of all vehicle maintenance procedures; be informed when a specific procedure needs to be done; and manage the entire maintenance process systematically and transparently.

Overview of resources still available

In the reminders module, you will be able to see at once how many kilometres or days a vehicle has left to travel before a scheduled maintenance.  All procedures will be recorded and can be accessed in future to get a quick overview of when and how something was done

Clear overview of all expenses

The expenses module allows you to see how much is actually spent on technical inspections, repairs and numerous other services and commodities – you will see the real cost of using a vehicle. At the same time you can increase the efficiency and speed of expense reporting and verify the validity of expense receipts on the basis of the vehicle’s location at the time the receipt was issued.

Calculation of fuel consumption without fuel sensors

By entering all expenses and fuel purchases into the Ecofleet system on the basis of fuel receipts, you will have access to a fast and comparative analysis of the fuel consumption of vehicles without using any additional equipment. 



You want answers? We can give them to you. 

What are the main questions regarding truck fleets? "How much driving time my drivers have left?" "What has been going on overall with my trucks and drivers?" "How to get the tacho data to office and archieve it as required by the law?" 

Ecofleet tacho module can help

Check your truck fleet tachograph data whenever you neet it, even if the trucks and drivers are thousands of kilometres away. You can see driver's activities and info in real-time, including these fields: time left until next rest, drive time left today, next daily rest, drive time left this week, next weekly rest and time of last status change. You can also see data in synoptic visual overview. Tacho module also displays all the violations (too short rest time for example) as they happen.

Necessary data right where you need it, when you need it

You need to keep all your drivers tachograph data in your office, too. Ecofleet allows you to download the tachograph files no matter where the vehicle is or what the driver is doing at the moment. Everything works hassle-free.




Monitor the real time and the past activities

The latest information regarding your vehicles

In the map module, you can check the exact location of your vehicles at any time and see their most recent speed and direction of travel.

Tracks of vehicles on the map

With only one click, you can display the track currently being travelled by a vehicle, or you can display any track taken by your vehicles in the past by selecting the dates which interest you. For clarity, the beginning and end of the track and all stops in between are marked in different colours.

Playback of tracks

The integrated graph and player, which replays the track on the map, allows you to visually see the vehicle’s speed, ignition mode and fuel level. If your vehicle has accessories, such as light bars or spotlights, their status will also be reflected in the playback.

Address search

The address search function makes available the most detailed location information both in your country and abroad, and provides address locations with just a mouse click.

Planning routes and measuring distances

You may often need to plan the next day’s routes or know the distance to a target destination. A special function has been created, which allows you to easily measure distances between several stops on the route.

Highest-quality maps

Ecofleet offers a wide selection of online map services – constantly and quickly updated OpenStreetMaps and global Google Maps.



Bring your costs under effective control

Overview of actual expenses

Information on the kilometres travelled, fuel used and time spent travelling or stationary for the entire fleet is only a few mouse clicks away. Ecofleet reports are easily comparable and it is very easy to spot any irregularities in the use of vehicles and take the appropriate measures. All reports can be viewed in the Ecofleet application or can be exported to PDF or Excel format. 

Location-based reports

  • Smart use of location information is another significant strength of Ecofleet. Several location-based reports can provide overviews of the places visited by the fleet, distances travelled and time spent at various locations, whether customer facilities or the drivers’ homes or other locations. It is very easy to spot patterns, inconsistencies or irregularities, which the usual travel or expense reports do not reveal. 

Reports every morning

  • One of the most popular features of the reports module is the regular e-mail updates. It is no longer necessary to log into the Ecofleet application every day, as you can open the reports for selected periods from your e-mail inbox every morning.

Integration with other information systems

It is possible to link the Ecofleet reports module directly to other information systems. If your company has employees with sufficient IT know-how, then with a little development work and using standard methods, you can automatically transfer the entire information provided by the reports module to your own information system.

Still could not find the report that you wanted?

We have noticed that not even the most perfect information system can always satisfy the specific needs of a client and therefore we have built our reports system so as to allow new features to be added quickly, so our clients become co-creators of the system.



Save your time and pay attention only to what needs your attention

Stay in touch with the most important events

Did somebody break the speed limit? Will the vehicle reach the required destination in time? Such questions will be answered quickly and accurately in the events module. The powerful configuration tool allows you to determine with a high level of precision the most important parameters for your vehicles. Ecofleet will filter the information and generate a simple list to support quick and accurate decision making.


One of the most common concerns of fleet managers is monitoring vehicles leaving a previously determined work area. Ecofleet allows an area to be geofenced –  marked on a map – and for a rule to be added which triggers an alert in the events module whenever the vehicle leaves the marked area.

Be the first to know

Ecofleet will notify you of any events that interest you via the application and also by e-mail or SMS (if you are away from the computer) in a few seconds with an instant message accompanied by a sound signal. Linking any additional processes to specific events in your own information system should be an easy task for any IT specialist.

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