CSR | Ecofleet


At Ecofleet, we believe that business is essential to solving social and environmental impacts through sustainable growth that is in harmony with the Earths’ resources and societal demands.

We believe that this a vital task and that is why our business philosophy is based on a logical balance between economy, sustainability and social responsibility.

Our mission is to drive a profitable business by:

  • Providing the most advanced fleet management solutions that inspire and assist both private and public entities in reaching their objectives in reducing CO2.
  • Ensuring that the focus on sustainable growth remains as an ongoing stable mechanism in our daily operations   

Our staff, our suppliers and our customers, are all a part of our daily operations and as such, our CSR policy stipulates the general guidelines within these areas.

To sustain our CSR policy, we have prepared specific policies regarding anti-corruption, human rights and a clearly defined code of conduct, based on the United Nations Global Compact 10 principles under the topics of human rights, environment, anti - corruption and labour. 

In addition to our policies and code of conduct we have developed and formalised our responsible sourcing procedures and guidelines that assist both our sourcing team and our suppliers to work towards reaching our and our customer’s social, environmental and quality targets.