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Skanderborg Municipality - Fleet reduced by 22%

The need

"The need to GPS-register all driving in the care district’s cars came about of a need to get a detailed view of the driving patterns and to illustrate and optimize the use of the fleet. This information was used to see if any cars could be spared or replaced with cheaper options. Furthermore there was a wish to be able to meet the tax authorities’ demands to driving registration in a reliable and simple maner concurrent with the employees getting more time to their primary tasks in stead of filling out the mileage logbook manually.”



“The system has provided the necessary basis for decision to optimization of the routes driven and to optimize f the number of cars. Out of every 9 cars, one could be driven to the garage, and another could be replaced with an electric bicycle and the potetial for optimizing is probably not even fully utilized. The employees are no longer using valuable work hours to fill out mileage logbook or other related documents. Furthermore the system has provid- ed important insight in form of information of the actual length of citizen visits, breaks, driving time etc.”



“The implementation and the technical installations were uncomplicated. Prior to the implementation we had a thorough process
in works counsils and by conversations with all invovled employees. Our experience shows, that the system is easy to use and the introduction of it to users is very manageable. Technical challenges were solved in cooperation with Ecofleet, and today most challenges are gone.” 

Fact sheet

»  Skanderborg Municipal, Plejedistrikt Midt

»  9 pool vehicles

»  103 users

»  Fleet Management with Person ID

»  Introduced: March 2011

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