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RC Concrete - Overview of vehicles and time

The need

“We wanted to create a better overview of where our vehicles were at a given time. In peak periods, we have 20-25 vehicles on the road, and it was difficult to maintain an overview of where each car was. Ecofleet helps us maintain this view, so we always know when each car will return, so we can have the next load ready.

Additionally it is a good tool to get an overview of how much more you can achieve each day, as you quickly can see when each car has returned, and figure out how much more they can achieve.

So the main goal was the overview, but Ecofleet has so many other benefits to it.“


“Besides the above, there are a lot of other benefits to Ecofleet. Our sales department can for example now provide the customer with an estimated bid on when the customers goods will arrive, without having to call the driver. The number of calls between the administration and the drivers have been reduced to a minimum as information and the car’s location is shown on the display. There is also a built in SMS system in order to write text messages directly from the system to the individual driver, which also makes communication much easier.”


“The implementation was smooth without any problems and with good service, as we have also experienced the aftercare, where the few problems, we have met, have been solved fast and professionally.” 


  • Provides an overview of the vehicles.
  • Simplifies task planning.
  • Improves customer service.
  • Eases communication between driver and administration and lowers the phone bill.
  • Saves time for employees and administration.
  • Provides reliable documentation to tax authorities. 
    1. All in all I think that the Ecofleet fleet man- agement system is a super product, that we benefit from every day.

      -Thomas Lund, RC CONCRETE A/S 

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