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Ecofleet Air is simple and lightweight GPS solution to track vehicles and fill in driving journal. 

Ecofleet Pro is an advanced modular web-based GPS tracking and fleet management service - choose and pay only for modules you need.

Ideal workflow communication tool between office and mobile employees: send tasks from computer to employee’s smartphone and get live task updates.

Ecofleet Pro

Ecofleet Pro is an advanced and module based web-based GPS tracking and fleet management service that requires no extra software to be installed in your computer.

Ecofleet Pro is a modular solution – all the main functionalities can be switched on/off individually – depending on the customer wish, business field and service needed.

Standard modules in Ecofleet Pro:

  • Map - you can choose between different maps  and map layers (Google regular, satellite, hybri, OpenStreetMap, traffic etc), so you get the view you need.
  • Trips and journal - driving journal can fill itself in automaticly, just create rules (for example every trip on workdays between 9AM and 5PM is business trip). Employees can also edit or fill in the driving journal.
  • Reports - automated and customizable reports to your e-mail, systematic overview and statistics are always there when you need it.
  • EventsEcofleet will notify you of any events that interest you via the application and also by e-mail or SMS.

Ecofleet has a wide variety of modules to perfectly fit your needs. Just like a tailor-made suit, only much cheaper. Check out all the modules below.



Vertical Tabs

Vertical Tabs



Increase the efficiency of your day-to-day work

Be in constant contact with your drivers without incurring additional expense

Have you ever considered how much money you spend making phone calls just to ask “Did you complete the job?” or to say “Your next destination is Hamburg"? You also might not be overjoyed with the monthly mobile phone bills of your employees. Now you can communicate with the drivers directly from the Ecofleet application – if you install the Garmin™ navigation device in the vehicle and connect it to the monitoring device, your communication costs may be reduced more than tenfold. Sending and receiving messages is easy both for the driver and the supervisor.

Help your driver on the road

In addition to messaging, you can also send location data (to an accuracy of one metre) to the driver’s navigation device and there will be no need for annoying paper maps or time-consuming entering of address data in the navigation device. The driver will simply receive the message “Here’s the destination for your next job”, click OK and the Garmin navigation device will guide the driver to the right location, saving you time and money.

...or you can always send SMS messages

If you chose not to purchase the navigation device for your driver or need a backup plan, you can always send an SMS from the Ecofleet application to anybody, be it the supplier, worried customer or driver.


Why do it all yourself? Ecofleet will help you!

Timely maintenance of your vehicles

You can easily create and keep records of all vehicle maintenance procedures; be informed when a specific procedure needs to be done; and manage the entire maintenance process systematically and transparently.

Overview of resources still available

In the reminders module, you will be able to see at once how many kilometres or days a vehicle has left to travel before a scheduled maintenance.  All procedures will be recorded and can be accessed in future to get a quick overview of when and how something was done

Clear overview of all expenses

The expenses module allows you to see how much is actually spent on technical inspections, repairs and numerous other services and commodities – you will see the real cost of using a vehicle. At the same time you can increase the efficiency and speed of expense reporting and verify the validity of expense receipts on the basis of the vehicle’s location at the time the receipt was issued.

Calculation of fuel consumption without fuel sensors

By entering all expenses and fuel purchases into the Ecofleet system on the basis of fuel receipts, you will have access to a fast and comparative analysis of the fuel consumption of vehicles without using any additional equipment. 

Ecofleet Mobile

Ecofleet Mobile

Ecofleet on the go!

Who can benefit from the Ecofleet mobile solutions?

Ecofleet mobile solution is for you if a large portion of your company’s work gets done outside the office and if you need to track the location of your employees as well as monitor the status and progress of their work.

Use your working time more efficiently

You can be sure that employees always have updated information on their assignments; you can also assign them new tasks and receive real-time notifications about problems and successes.

Save money and the nature

Ecofleet mobile solution helps your company to cut down on communication costs – information between the office and employees is exchanged digitally, without disturbing others. This also leads to fewer phone calls and smaller bills. Your staff no longer needs to fill out journey logs or other activity reports on paper as all information is available in a centralized location.

Increase the transparency of work processes

Ecofleet Mobile allows each employee to check and manage the status of their tasks (to do/ in progress/ done) and to send the relevant information to the office. A specific reporting functionality allows users to check the productivity and efficiency of the employees.


New applications

Since 1st of January 2015 we have stopped supporting the old Android application SeeMe Mobile and suggest all customers to use the new version of the application - Ecofleet Mobile, with the "green pin" icon.  The new application is better in all aspects (battery and data consumption, features, stability).


Ecofleet Mobile application in App Store

Ecofleet Mobile application in Google Play



Who can benefit from Ecofleet booking solution? 

Large light vehicle fleets often have common problems: large number of vehicles, but low usage per vehicle. Good solution is to use vehicles as a shared solution. But how to do it in a most efficient way? Ecofleet Booking module allows to use company vehicles as rationally as possible by reducing their amount and giving maximum usage to the rest. 

It can help you save time and money. 

Ecofleet booking system is different from the other similar systems in a way that the user enters his needs and a vehicle will be chosen for him according to the organization settings. This helps to avoid situations when some vehicles become more popular and get booked all the time while others stay unused. The system ensures most efficient vehicle usage possible.

Efficiency  in every detail

System - not a user -  picks the vehicle, therefore  you can reduce the number of vehicles and get maximum usage per remaining vehicles. Booking system pre-fills driving journal,  adds organization-specific data to a booking, manages trips connected to the bookings and offers usage analytics. 



You want answers? We can give them to you. 

What are the main questions regarding truck fleets? "How much driving time my drivers have left?" "What has been going on overall with my trucks and drivers?" "How to get the tacho data to office and archieve it as required by the law?" 

Ecofleet tacho module can help

Check your truck fleet tachograph data whenever you neet it, even if the trucks and drivers are thousands of kilometres away. You can see driver's activities and info in real-time, including these fields: time left until next rest, drive time left today, next daily rest, drive time left this week, next weekly rest and time of last status change. You can also see data in synoptic visual overview. Tacho module also displays all the violations (too short rest time for example) as they happen.

Necessary data right where you need it, when you need it

You need to keep all your drivers tachograph data in your office, too. Ecofleet allows you to download the tachograph files no matter where the vehicle is or what the driver is doing at the moment. Everything works hassle-free.




Do you keep track of your assets?

Do you always know where all your trailers are located? Or is it difficult to keep track of equipment when you need it?

When these are used or left on external locations, it can be a puzzle to keep track of where they all are or in who’s possession they were last in.

This often causes several expensive and unnecessary delays and might result in an excessive inventory of these assets. It is therefore easy to save both time and money, when you let Ecofleet keep track of your assets.


Overview of asset locations

Depending on the chosen solution, you are able to see all your assets’ positions on a map, either as live tracking or a registered location. See solution options further down.


See every employee's equipment inventory

Every time an employee is handed some equipment, it is easily registered in the system by scanning a barcode or with a quick entry into the system. The equipment is assigned to the employee until it is handed in again.

It is possible to get an overview of each employee's equipment inventory from the system. It is also possible for the system to automatically send out reminders to the employees, who have forgotten to hand in equipment on time or an automatic report can be sent to you or the administrator with this information.


Keep track of service agreements

If you have service agreements for your equipment it is possible to let the system help you keep them. The system can give you the necessary overview of all the service agreements for the equipment, and you can receive reminders and monthly inventory lists automatically.


3 solutions, depending on the size and value of the assets:

1. Easy overview at a low cost

The solution, that gives you overview of all equipment regardless of value. When the equipment  is handed out to the employees, it is easy to register what equipment is handed out by scanning a barcode and choosing a location where it is to be used. The system then gives you an overview of where all your equipment is located, who it is handed out to, and it ensures you, that each work place only has the necessary equipment.


2. Automatic registration of placements

If you want an automatic solution without manual registrations, for instance to ensure that a correct location is registered, you can chose to install Ecofleet's small RFID tag. These send out a radio signal, which can be tracked within 200 meters of your vehicles equipped with an Ecofleet GPS device. This is very relevant for trailers where the vehicle has a GPS installed, as it will then register where the vehicle drops off the trailer. It also ensures a high accuracy of equipment placements, as the equipment is most often transported in company cars. If the vehicle is out of range, the system will show the latest registered location. This means, that all equipment located at one of your work places, in one of your company cars or at an employee's residence will be traceable.


3. Theft protection

Do you wish to track or protect your equipment, trailers or machines against theft, you should consider a GPS solution. Ecofleet can deliver GPS devices for fixed and hidden installment in a vehicle/machine or as a wireless device with an internal battery.



How to optimize your business

There is A LOT of data nowadays in the world, but the key to using the data in your business isn't its vast quantity, but smart analysis and compact presentation. That is why Ecofleet now has KPI module. KPI or key performance indicator is a business metric used to evaluate factors that are crucial to the success of an organization.

How does it work?

First you have to figure out what are the metrics that are important to you regarding your fleet (you can have as many KPIs as you like). KPIs for your fleet may be for example:

  • Trucks have to drive at least 10 000 kilometers a month
  • Average fuel consumption should be less than 7 liters per 100 kilometers
  • Shared company car should drive no more than 1000 kilometers a week
  • Less than 15 hard accelerations per 100 kilometers
  • Cars idling duration should be less than 1 hour a week

By getting these statistics you can easily see where changes / optimizations should be made in order to save fuel and optimize operations in the company. 

You instantly get an overview of all indicators - every KPI is color-coded for an easy interpretation: Green is a good result, red is a bad.


If you want more info you can expand each KPI.

Interested in Ecofleet? Get in touch!