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Driving Registration and Business Intelligence go hand in hand

In many companies, manual processes regarding driving registration and lack of integration between IT systems are obstacles for growth. This makes it difficult to scale the business.

It is usually this that worries our customers when they come to us for help. They need to streamline processes regarding driving registration to make their systems a competitive advantage for the business.

Get wiser with Driving Registration

We are constantly striving to deliver results that our customers can feel - in everyday life and on the bottom line. And that's exactly what happens when we integrate fleet management systems and make manual processes digital.

Ecofleet is specialized in GPS-based driving registration and task management solutions, and optimizes corporate driving and workflows to reduce costs and increase revenue.

We provide standard and scalable solutions for individual needs, providing easy access to important data and statistics that have proven to be an infinite gold mine of knowledge for businesses.

Business First – then Driving Registration

The solution starts with initial meetings, where we gain a thorough understanding of your needs, business, processes and challenges.

We look at your immediate needs. A fleet management system, of course, covers the most basic requirements for driving registration, and as you get used to the system - and wiser on how it can solve and streamline challenges in your workflows, the system shows more and more opportunities.

You can start with "just" driving registration, and then analyze the data. Gradually, you can customize the system by adding or removing modules and point it directly to opportunities for efficiency. There are integrations for both payroll systems, order and task management, which can make workflows even more streamlined. And, above all, give you the overall overview of the business.

Read more about how our KPI module gives you overview in just one second.

The utilization of the system will thus continually move towards choice and utilization of modules and reports, integrations, etc. The important thing, however, is to focus on how the heavy workflows can be replaced with new, more optimal processes.

Driving Registration comes with huge savings

One example is our solution to John Jensen. Here we have integrated and digitized otherwise time-consuming workflows and the results are big savings on both time and fuel.

Driving Registration with integrations

Optimizing workflows and processes often involves system integrations to avoid manual entries to save time, avoid errors, improving workflows and customer service. Get an overview and more time for work by avoiding wasting time on old processes.

We have extensive experience with integration to other systems and have great cooperation with both Minuba and ordrestyring.dk - contact us for more information or a meeting.