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JJ Plumbing - “Fuel consumption decreased 12%”

The need

“We wanted a fast and easy way to be able to locate our techni- cians. We saw, that we earlier would call 5-6 technicians before
we found one for an urgent task. Now we can see where they are, whether they are stationary or on the run, and how long they have stayed in the same place. Especially the SMS feature helps us a lot, it is incredibly handy to be able to send a SMS directly from the PC to the driver.“


“When we announced, that there would be GPS installed in the company cars, we met very strong resistance. There was a great fear among the employees of how much we would analyze the driving history, that we would reprimand on too long lunch breaks, late start on the work day and so forth. We have chosen not to use the GPS as a surveillance tool, but just to locate where the vehicles are and to document time consumed with customers in situations where there is a dispute. After only a few weeks with the GPS in- stalled in the vehicles - all previous concerns disappeared.” 


“Our fuel consumption has decreased 10-12% after the
GPS devices have been installed. The reason is that we have eliminated unnecessary “star driving” and thus achieved a much more appropriate driving pattern. With more than fifty cars the savings are recognizable, and we have also reduced the CO2 emissions substantially. We experience significantly faster response time, and for example with leaking water pipes, it means that collateral damages with water leakage will be substantially lower.” 


  • Minimizes expenses on fuel and vehicle maintenance.
  • Enables a green and economically efficient driving.
  • Enables a faster response time on tasks.
  • Provides an overview of the vehicles.
  • Provides reliable documentation of customer visits. 
    1. We have from day one experienced an amazing professional and personal service from the Ecofleet team – all emplyoees are strongly dedicated to their work, so I can only highly recommend Ecofleet as your partner on GPS.

      - Anders Berg, John Jensen Plumbing 

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