J.R. Company

Background: The enterprise J.R. Company GmbH with headquarters in Karlsdorf was founded in 2002. The transport company has been a contractual partner of UPS for Styria, Carinthia and East Tyrol since 2004. With around 180 employees and a fleet of 120 vehicles, the area of ​​activity has been expanded to include vehicle rental and a workshop service station.

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Initial situation: Every day 5,000-6,000 parcels are delivered by J.R. Company. This means that the entire fleet travels around 26,000 km a day. Since the company pays attention to sustainability and the fleet manager Mr. Flicker wanted to save costs, a solution for optimization was sought.

Desired result: Fuel costs should be saved – through optimized tour planning but also through improved driving behaviour. Therefore, the solution should also provide data on driving behaviour and depict a current overview of the vehicle park.

Solution: With Drive & Track, they can meet the desired requirements and even more. Fuel costs were reduced by almost EUR 400 by using the solution of EUR 3,500 a day. This saves 90,000 euros a year – around 10 percent. The optimized driving behaviour reduced the cost of damage by 30 percent and that of wearing parts by as much as minus 50 percent.