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Hvidrovre transport - Optimize driving and expenses

The need

“We wanted to save money by saving fuel, and we wanted to get better driving behavior in general. In addition, we would like to have an easy overview of where our trucks are and see when they have been with our customers.“


“We benefit a lot from, for example, to see the driver’s driving behavior, and we have been able to change it a great deal, which is not only good for the environment, but saves us a lot of money in regards of fuel consumption and wear on tires, brakes, engine etc. We are very pleased with our investment in the Ecofleet fleet management system.”


“The implementation went fine. There was a quick response from the Ecofleet support team, when we needed help.”


  1. Ecofleet has shown to be an professional and service minded supplier. I think they have been very good at delivering the product they sell.

    - Per Henriksen, Hvidovre Transport 


  • Minimizes expenses on fuel and vehicle maintenance.
  • Provides a green and economically efficient driving.
  • Provides an overview of the vehicles.
  • Provides reliable documentation to tax authorities. 
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