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Press release: Oskando and Autolog merge

Oskando, a fleet management solutions developer that belongs to Ambient Sound Investments (ASI), joins forces with the Danish Autolog, creating the region’s leading fleet management services enterprise. 

Both Oskando’s and Autolog’s core competence is the creation of fleet management solutions for small and medium size enterprises. The rationale of the merger is the strengthened product development resources and agile innovation capabilities. It enables the company to champion in anticipating and satisfying the needs of the Baltic and Scandinavias vehicle fleet management clients, who will benefit from increased functionality and reliability of products. 

As a result of the merger, Oskando and Autolog establish a holding company EcoFleet Holding OÜ and launch the new brand Ecofleet. Over a 8 months transition period, Ecofleet will gradually replace Oskando and Autolog brands across all the business lines operating in its home market in the Baltics and Scandinavia. Operations in all countries continue with current management bodies and set-up. 

“Merger of Oskando and Autolog creates the leading regional fleet management service provider able to serve both SMEs and big multinationals of the Baltic and Scandinavian home market and from the other EU countries as well,“ said Indrek Jaaska, Investment Manager at ASI. Jaaska added that company has long-term interest to expand its business either through partnerships or acquisitions at the fast growing fleet management software market. 

“Financial crisis of 2008 has emphasized the need to focus on the optimization of operations and efficient cost management. Ecofleet is designed to manage the corporate fleet in all aspects, the CO2 consumption among them,” said one of the Autolog founders, Robert Holm. 

Oskando and Autolog employ 50 people and manage approximately 35 000 vehicles across the Baltics and Scandinavia. Group’s partner network reaches 16 countries and it has representative offices in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. According to the merger agreement, both ASI and Autolog will own 50% of the Ecofleet. Ecofleet Management Board members are Robert Holm (CEO of Autolog), Stig Lyngsie (COO of Autolog) and Indrek Jaaska (Investment Manager at ASI). Jaaska will serve as the CEO of the Ecofleet, and will lead the post-merger process to establish a joint organization and unify the main working processes for the group. 

Autolog, founded in 2006 is a leading Danish software company that operates in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, specializes in development of tracking and fleet management solutions software and applications. 

Oskando, founded in 1995 specializes in developing fleet management software, generating more than half of its turnover from export markets like Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. ASI is Oskando’s shareholder since 2006. 

ASI is an investment company founded in 2003 with the objective to manage and invest the assets of four Skype’s Estonian founding engineers. ASI primarily finances international early-stage technology companies. The company has financed over 30 technology start-ups worldwide - Asia, the United States, Western and Eastern Europe. 

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