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Oskando is now Ecofleet Eesti

Ecofleet Group company in Estonia - Oskando OÜ - is now Ecofleet Estonia OÜ.

Ecofleet Group Chief business development officer Jaanus Truu commented  that Ecofleet has been the main brand for the company for several years. Focus is on fleet and team management with GPS controller or smart phone.

In 2013 Oskando, a fleet management solutions developer that belonged to Ambient Sound Investments (ASI) merged with Danish Autolog, creating the leading fleet management service Ecofleet in the region. Ecofleet service is being used by over 6000 companies and 55 000 vehicles. Last year vehicles and devices equipped with Ecofleet service altogether covered more than billion kilometres.

"Namechange ties company and brand name into one whole," explained Ecofleet CBDO Jaanus Truu. "Ecofleet is growing to be more international and several large enterprises use our service in their cross broder activities and also offices in different countries. Unifying Ecofleet Group company names creates an cohesive wholeness and that makes it even more convenient for our customers to continue to manage their action across borders."