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Billion kilometers aka Ecofleet in 2014

Check out this image. It displays all vehicles and devices in Ecofleet service at the end of 2014. Isn't it cool?


January is always a good time to look back and summarize last year. 2014 for Ecofleet was very thrilling and had a lot of new to offer. We'll share our thoughts in this blog post. The biggest and most visible change happened to our brand name: old SeeMe got replaced by Ecofleet. At the moment the official brand name is Ecofleet SeeMe, but in 2015 we will complete th transition to Ecofleet brand name. 

In 2014 we added Tacho and Booking modules to our service, one to handle trucks' tachograph dat and other to book shared company cars. We released new smartphone apps that also have mobile task management built into them, app is available for both iOS and Android platform. 

By the end of 2014 over 50 000 vehicles and devices were using Ecofleet service, so with that number we are the leading service provider in the Baltics and Scandinavian region. 
And now for some exciting fact magic. 
In 2014 vehicles and devices equipped with Ecofleet service altogether covered 1 255 565 396 km. Yes, that is over billion kilometers. That's more than 3 million kilometers a day. In comparison: 
  • Corcumference of Earth at the equatori is 40 075  km 
  • Earth's distance from the Moon is 384 400 km 
  • Earth's distance from the Sun is 149 597 870 km 
What weekdays were the busiest? As you can see from the graph, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were the days when Ecofleet users coverd more kilometers thn other days. Saturday and Sunday are for resting and therefore there were less kilometers tracked. 

What is going to happen in 2015? In the first half of the year new, more informative and user-friendly website will go live, Ecofleet service will continue to be refined, new functionalities will be added. Interesting things will happen, stay tuned. 
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