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Fredensborg Teknik - Documentation of time and whereabouts

The need

“We introduced the GPS in company cars to ensure better docu- mentation towards customers. For example whereabouts of the vehicles and technicians, and to get an easy overview of the time spent on each task.“


“We now have a much better overview and are able to quickly locate a vehichle to a given task. We have concluded, that we save a lot of time with this new Ecofleet fleet management system.”


“The implementation of both the system and the installation of the devices inside the vehicles went completely smooth.” 


  • Reliable documentation of time spent.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Provides an overview of the cars.
  • Provides faster response on tasks.
  • Saves time for both employees and administration.
  • Provides reliable documentation to tax authorities. 
    1. We are very pleased to have introduced Ecofleet fleet management, as it streamlines several core functions of our business.

      - Dorte Nielsen, Fredensborg Teknik 

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