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New law on personal data regarding GPS tracking

There is a change of law coming up May 2018 for all EU countries, that e.g. affects who has access to track you when driving in your car. Ecofleet has already begun to make the appropriate changes to meet the acquirements of the law.

The law change regards your personal data, who has access and how to handle it, and here is what it means to you if you are driving with a tracking unit in your car.

Who has access to my personal data?

When Ecofleet has personal information, for example data on where people's cars are located, it is important to clarify how the Personal Data Act relies on this and who is entitled to view and use this personal data. According to the Personal Data Act; If you collect, register or pass personal data, you must clarify whether you are a data processor or data controller and follow the rules contained in these respective roles.

It is important because:
• The data controller is responsible for compliance with the Personal Data Act
• The data controller is obliged to report certain processing of personal data to the Data Inspectorate
• The data controller is responsible for the fact that a registrant can exercise his rights under the Personal Data Act, e.g. the right of access and the right to get corrected incorrect information.

How do you find out who is what?

Data Controller:
The data controller is the person, public authority, institution or company that decides for what purpose and with which aids personal data is processed. In other words, the one who has "ownership" of the information.

There can be only one data controller about personal data. Only in very few cases, the Data Inspectorate may approve shared data responsibility.

Data Processor:
A "data processor" is the person, public authority, institution or company that processes personal data on behalf of the data controller. The data processor thus never treats personal data for its own purposes and may not use personal data for anything other than what the data controller has defined.

Who can track me?

As a customer buying tracking for your car, the company should obey to the Personal Data Act first by e.g. writing this correctly in its trading terms or other written agreement. When you accept the Terms of Purchase, you automatically have an agreement with the company regarding the processing of your data and personal information. If others than you call the company and asks for your data, the company is not allowed to give out any information.

The company is the data processor and does not look at your personal data unless you give permission.

Only you are entitled to your data. The change in the law means that this is enforced by a personal log in. It is no longer enough to be able to log in with a license plate number or IMEI number - or other more or less publicly available information, and see where you drive in your car. Only you are entitled to see this.

According to the Personal Data Act, Ecofleet will ahead of time change its live tracking pages so that you need to log in to your own account to see where your car is located, and not as before via the IMEI number.

We will keep you updated on this.

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