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How to get the most out of your fleet with the Utilization Rate Report

The key to optimizing your cost of ownership and utilization rate is knowing the details of what is going on with your fleet.

Knowing when the vehicles are being used - what days during the week and what time during the day. Knowing what vehicle are the preferred choice by the users, understanding what type of trips the vehicles are used for, and what vehicle specification is needed for those trips are all key information for you to make the right choices on the fleet composition.

Ask yourself - what criteria drives your fleets purchase strategy? Why do you have 100 vehicles and not 95? If you can reduce your fleet by just 5% you will have a huge cost saving.

Ecofleet has extensive experience in fleet management and has the report that will give you the overall overview of the fleet utilization rate and answer the questions above.

The utilization report

The utilization report helps you get clear information on when and how much the different vehicles are used.

The advanced utilization matrix report shows you a complete overview of the vehicles in the left column, and the date and week day as the column header. The colored fields show how much each vehicle has been away from its home location. (Usually the parking lot where the vehicle is located).

A very low utilization of 0-2 hours a day will turn red, a low/average rate of 2-4 hours a day will turn yellow and above 4 hours is green.

The color coding gives you an immediate overview of which vehicles are not being used.

Next step in the process is understanding if there is a general trend for those specific vehicles, or if the use pattern is connected to a specific week day or a certain time of day.

Analysis of the use of your fleet

Some of the most common reasons for vehicles not being used are quite benign.

  • Users have preferences for certain vehicles. They like driving the same vehicle.
  • Safety issues in a vehicle.
  • Vehicle is not properly fitted for the job the user needs to do.
  • User dislikes the vehicle due to missed maintenance, e.g. it is dirty or smells.

Some of the most common reasons for low utilization of fleet.

  • Too many vehicles in the same location.
  • Meetings are booked during office rush-hours 10-14 during the day.
  • Out of office activity are mainly booked Tuesday to Thursday.

If the report shows vehicles with a very low use rate then it might be worth considering:

  • Could a vehicle be more useful in a different location?
  • Should it be discarded all together?
  • Introduce other means of transportation during peak hours such as bike, taxi and carsharing services.

Customers that have relocated vehicles or removed redundant cars and exchanged them with an electrical bicycle or an electrical car for the short city trips, often see a big reduction of total cost of ownership.

Concluding from the utilization rate report

The trick is to supply other means of transportation for the spike utilization periods. The booking module together with the utilization spike report will give you this information.

Related topics

Ecofleet has several graphs, tables and reports showing different data from different angles to help our customers gain insight into their vehicle use.

Booking Utilization Matrix

The Utilization Matrix look at key numbers such as booking time, use time, distance which can all be sorted by parking locations.

Booking graphs sorted by time of use

To see the use patterns it can be valuable to see things from a different perspective. In this area we see if there are specific days or times on the day where the vehicle is more used than others.

There are many more conclusions to be made from analyzing data:

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Ecofleet has several modules in the fleet management system that helps you get the most of your fleet in different aspects from different measurable parameters. Ask for a meeting to get it clarified fit for your needs.