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100 software releases in 17 months

Software is never a finished product. There are always things to add, things to simplify, things to reconsider. You may not realize it, but we are constantly updating Ecofleet application, adding new features and making it more streamlined in all possible ways. Since the beginning of 2016 up to today we have released an Ecofleet software update exactly 100 times, so there are around 1.3 software releases every week. There are numerous items enhanced, added, updated and fixed, but here's the rundown on 7 biggest features we have added or updated in the last 17 months (in no particular order):

Tasks can now be recurring AND configurable

Ecofleet tasks are very useful for managing a mobile workforce (like sales, maintenance, cleaning teams) whom you need to send tasks or jobs to from the office. Some of these jobs occur only once (you go to a sales meeting and you either get the deal or not, after that you move on to other leads), but for some customers the tasks occur repeatedly at regular intervals (sales reps visit a certain store every other Monday to check if the product display is presentable). For this use case we added recurring tasks - the same task is given to an employee every day/week/month at a time you set. As a new feature Ecofleet customers can configure their task view. There are a lot of items they can display there (customer info, map view, different forms, additional fields etc), now everyone can create the task view that suits their needs the best. You just have to know what you want.

Ecofleet Mobile app update

We have a nifty mobile app that works in both Android and iOS devices and we made it even better. For navigation we added support for 3rd party apps like Google and Apple maps, also Waze and Here. The design also got tweaked to be more user-friendly. Last but not least we added Customer module to mobile app so you can see, edit all your customers and their details in your smartphone. Another cool feature: you can see how far from you a customer's office is.

Autolog webstore (previously Mileage Log)

Automatic driving journal has been the essential part of Ecofleet for ages. The news is, that now you can buy your easy-to-use mileage logbook in a self-service environment online. It is as smart as they come to automatically get your reimbursement or deduction from tax authorities/employer.

Last year we launched this as Mileage Log, but now we have renamed it Autolog, which is a well-known brand among our customers. It comes with a OBD Plug'N'Drive device - you can install yourself in just couple of seconds (Ecofleet Plug'n'Drive). After that all your trips are logged automatically and you can use the self-service platform to upgrade or downgrade your service depending on your needs.

Enhanced Customers module

The Customers module allows you to import the existing customer database and edit it in Ecofleet. Customers are visualized on the map by using the exact coordinates. It is also possible to link specific tasks with specific customers. Last year we made it even more useful. We added visits counter vs the goal - you can measure how many times a customer was visited by your team and how this compares to the overall goal. Also, if you have a lot of customers and you don't want to see all of them, just the ones you manage, now there is a possibility to only display the customers you want to see.

User manual in Russian, too

Last year we added Russian to our user manual languages. Although we are not represented in Russia directly, the language has a lot of native speakers all around the world, especially in Europe . What's next - Mandarin, Spanish? Not yet, but who knows...

Server updates

In order to keep up with increasing customer base and more distances being tracked (in 2014 we tracked over 1 billion kilometers), last year it was over 2 billion kilometers) we periodically update our server hardware and capacity. The result – a more stable and faster loading system. By the way, you can check our uptime in Ecofleet status page (status.ecofleet.ee)

Updated API

API (application programming interface) connects IT-systems together, for example you can connect Ecofleet with your customer relation management system (CRM) or ERP so you can send or sync customers, trips, expenses or revenue info between these systems and doing so you remove the need to manually type or copy-paste data from one system to another. With the updated API it is now easier to create these integrations - your IT department will love this.

Honorable mentions

With the 100 software update releases we didn't just tweak these 7 things, we did much more. But a lot of those enhancements were seemingly smaller and/or made in the background so our customers won't notice them. In addition to big noticeable features, here are 5 more useful updates that deserve an honorable mention:

Choose your favorite reports. You can create and save templates for your favorite reports - pick a report, vehicles you want to display there and save. Next time you want to open it, just choose the favorite report from the template.

Download all images together from a task. You can add multiple images to a task. For example our customer Green Wave uses it for insurance claims handling and there are a lot of tasks and they all have a lot of photos attached to them. Previously you had to download them one by one - annoying, right? - Now you can download all photos from one task with one click.

E-mail template for event notifications. Event notifications let you know if someone or something triggers the event you had set up (drove into or out of a certain area, over-speeding etc). Now you are able to edit the e-mail template that is being sent. You can even write a joke at the end of it to cheer yourself up - it's up to you what you write there.

Autlo automatic parking. Last year we integrated Ecofleet with Autlo automatic parking solution - now Ecofleet customers have the option to park their car and the systems takes care of the parking fees. You of course must pay for it, but you'll never forget to start the payment and get a parking fine. Autlo currently works only in Estonia.

Booking statistics. For corporate carsharing and vehicle booking we upgraded the statistics part. Among other things we added the option about time factor - for example you can choose only work time for statistics. This way you can see the statistics for the time period that really matters to you.