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Auth. Electr. J. Nielsen - Documentation of time

The need

“Our wish was primarily to document the hours spend with each customer, as we from time to time have experienced customers, who do not understand a bill of half an hour or an hour, because as they say: “He was only here for a moment!”. We have been very happy with this tool to document time, both with our prior mileage logbook solution from Ecofleet, but also with our new fleet management system.“


“The return of our fleet management system has been as expect- ed; customers pay without complaining, due to we can tell them exactly when the installer left home, arrived on the address and when he left. Another benefit has been, that there is an overview of where the technicians are located, so it is very easy now to find the nearest technician for a job.“


“At first I had some trouble with the system making new routes every time someone stopped at a red light, but it turned out to be a simple error in our settings, and it was easily fixed by the Ecofleet support team.” 


  • Provides a reliable documentation of time.
  • Improves service and documentation towards customers.
  • Provides an easy overview of the cars.
  • Provides a faster response on tasks.
  • Saves time for both employees and administration.
  • Provides reliable documentation to the tax authorities. 
    1. Our mileage has decreased and the system helps our administration. On top of this - our customer satisfaction has improved. Ecofleet is an excellent tool for the daily operations of our business.

      - J. Nielsen, Auth. Electr. J. Nielsen 

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