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Check the exact location of your vehicles at any time and see their most recent speed and direction of travel. You can also see visual overview of routes from yesterday, last hour or any other time period.

Ecofleet Mobile

Use phone as GPS tracker or send tasks straight to your employees smartphones and get live updates making the workflow more transparent. 


Ecofleet can bring your trucks' tachograph data from anywhere in the world to your computer screen, offering visual overview of driving, rest time and violations. 

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Over 70 000 vehicles use Ecofleet service.

Managing and tracking our vehicles safely is very important for our business. Ecofleet as a fllexible and reliable partner has created tools with what we can also offer optimal solutions to our customers. 

Reiko Tääker
Head of service, G4S,

“Our fuel consumption has decreased 10-12% after the GPS devices have been installed. Furthermore, we have from day one experienced an amazing professional and personal service from the Ecofleet team – all emplyoees are strongly dedicated to their work, so I can only highly recommend Ecofleet as your partner on GPS.”

Anders Berg
Purchasing manager, John Jensen Plumbing

“Our mileage has decreased and the system helps our administration. On top of this - our customer satisfaction has improved. Ecofleet is an excellent tool for the daily operations of our business.”

J. Nielsen
Owner, Auth. Electr. J. Nielsen


Moving freight is a tough business - trucks cost a lot, you need to keep them running efficiently and the margins can sometimes be razor-thin.

The company launches a unique cloud-based IoT platform, developed to transform the delivery of solutions through multi-dimensional partnerships between industry stakeholders.